Kalie Shorr Releases First-Ever Full Length Album, ‘Open Book’

Nashville, TN After her album release party on September 26, Music Spotlight artist Kalie Shorr’s long anticipated, brutally honest first-ever full-length album, Open Book, is finally available. She had already released Too Much To Say” which is an introduction to Shorr’s new sonic direction where she daringly plunges into an abyss of vulnerability. Tapering the rock n’ roll sound to a more sustained acoustic vibe, her second song “Escape,” is an emotionally raw but hopeful piece that has proven to be a fan favorite at Shorr’s live shows. Recently Shorr released a music video for one of my personal favorite’s “Lullaby.” Hurt and anger become exposed with this pop-rock inspired fragile anthem for the wounded.

“I’ve never been more excited or more afraid to put out music into the world. I’ve always written from a real place, but these songs are like three-minute journal entries. Seeing them resonate means more than I even realized it would. The fan reaction has also been completely new. It really validates me as both a human and an artist and proves my theory that at the end of the day, authenticity always matters. I’m happy to have the freedom to share my truth on this album, and especially on a song like ‘F U Forever,’ “said Kalie Shorr.

To quote Katie Shorr’s own twitter account, “These songs are so detailed and personal that once this album comes out, I will never be able to date normally again. Just showing up with all my baggage on the first date will be like ‘choo choo b*tch, you ready for a train ride?’”

The buzz about Shorr’s album has been growing as it has been featured by numerous outlets including Rolling Stone, Taste of Country, and The Boot. The announcement of her album and debut of its first single was featured by Rolling Stone in August. Shorr has been highlighted as one to watch by Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Taste of Country, One Country and has been featured in Teen Vogue as “10 Female Artists Who Are Changing the Music Game.”

Kalie Shorr is currently opening for LeAnn Rimes and will be playing Norwalk, Conn. on October 25 and Rochester, N.H. on October 27 along with her 15th Grand Ole Opry appearance on September 28. She is also opening for LeAnn Rimes for her You and Me And Christmas Tour.

Track listing for Open Book-

  1. “Too Much to Say” (Kalie Shorr, Robyn Collins and Ian Christian)
  2. “Escape” (Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter)
  3. “Messy” (Kalie Shorr, Jonny Shorr and Katie Stump)
  4. “The One” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Savannah Keyes)
  5. “F U Forever” (Kalie Shorr, Candi Carpenter and Annie Wildgen)
  6. “Alice in Wonderland” (Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter)
  7. “The World Keeps Spinning” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Robyn Collins)
  8. “Big Houses” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Savannah Keyes)
  9. “Gatsby” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Candi Carpenter)
  10. “Thank God You’re a Man” (Kalie Shorr, John Caldwell and Robyn Collins)
  11. “Vices” (Kalie Shorr, John Caldwell and Robyn Collins)
  12. “Lullaby” (Kalie Shorr, Robyn Collins and Will Stone)
  13. “Angry Butterfly” (Kalie Shorr, Simon Reid and Fred Wilhelm)

You can follow Kalie Shorr on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

You can follow Bethany Bowman on Instagram and Twitter.

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