Music Spotlight: Tyler Braden

With Tyler Braden’s newest hits, “Try Losing One,” and “Seventeen”, he has proven that his star is on the rise. You will be hearing a lot more from this singer/songwriter in the future.

Music Spotlight: Karissa Ella

While Karissa Ella’s love of the late 90s / early 2000s country music influences her songwriting, her authentic take on it makes it an invigorating breath of fresh air with the crowded pop-country set.

Music Spotlight: The Wooks

Inspired by the traditional as well as the unconventional, The Wooks have established a distinctive sound through original songwriting, exceptional musicianship, and outside influences ranging from jam bands to Southern rock.

Music Spotlight: Jenny Tolman

Jenny Tolman releases her sophomore album Married in a Honky Tonk, where she not only expands on her tales about the fictional town of Jennyville, she offers a new depth and range that signals her growing maturity as an artist.

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