Music Spotlight: Red Clay Strays

Five years in the making, the Red Clay Strays’ debut album, ‘Moment of Truth,’ is a crowdfunded masterpiece that is not to be missed. This innovative southern rock band will have you jumping all over the pews in the Rockabilly Church of the Delta Blues.

Music Spotlight: Dakota Poorman

Newcomer, singer-songwriter, Dakota Poorman’s second single, “Hippie @ Heart” is hardcore honky-tonk at its finest. His realistic larger-than-life vocals loom over the meanest, leanest bar band you’ve ever heard.

Music Spotlight: Hemp & Denim

Hemp & Denim are bringing back the good vibes of the 60s and 70s with an intoxicating blend of British rock and California pop that will remind older listeners of their glory days and introduce younger listeners to the best musical attributes of the classic rock era.

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