Music Spotlight: Michael Shaw

With a swagger in his vocal and a sharp eye for detail, Shaw brings authenticity to ‘He Rode On,’ as everything he references on the album—from living off the land to cheating death—is rooted in the truth.

Music Spotlight: Alyssa Jacey

Now working on her tenth and final album, singer/songwriter Alyssa Jacey has released her single (Quit) “Choosing Boys” which is a friendly reminder/warning for others who may be making similar poor choices.

Music Spotlight: Sammy Arriaga

Although Sammy Arriaga has garnered over 30M+ streams worldwide, 400k followers on TikTok, and 12 years of experience in the music industry, today he finds himself serenading those roaming around the blockchain as an early adopter of music NFTs.

Music Spotlight: Tyler Braden

With Tyler Braden’s newest hits, “Try Losing One,” and “Seventeen”, he has proven that his star is on the rise. You will be hearing a lot more from this singer/songwriter in the future.

Music Spotlight: The Wooks

Inspired by the traditional as well as the unconventional, The Wooks have established a distinctive sound through original songwriting, exceptional musicianship, and outside influences ranging from jam bands to Southern rock.

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