Music Spotlight: Houston Bernard

Houston Bernard’s country roots run deep. Before his birth, his dad, Donny Bernard, and his uncle, Johnny Bernard were regulars in the Oklahoma, Texas, and Nashville country music scenes throughout the ’70s.

Not only that, his great-great-grandfather is reported to be the famed outlaw gunfighter, George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb, who inspired the song “Bitter Creek” by the Eagles.

Bernard has a favorite single that he wrote with Britton Cameron called “In My Blood.”

He explains, “I haven’t released it yet, but I do perform it when I play out live from time to time. It’s about my roots and how I was named after my uncle, ‘Houston Bernard’ who died on the family farm when he was two. People often think my name is just a made-up stage name, but I’m proud to say it’s actually a family name that goes back several generations.”

Not long after young Bernard was born, his father joined the army and the family moved to Alaska. At age seven, his mother gave him a guitar and he learned to play and started writing songs. His parents eventually split up, but by age 12 the handsome boy was playing malls and talent shows in Wasilla, Alaska. He did some musicals and modeling but eventually, his family moved back to Worchester, Massachusetts, where his mom was originally from.

Growing up he listened to a great variety of music like Bruce Springsteen, Dwight Yoakam, Bryan Adams, and Nirvana. He also sang Sinatra for people in nursing/retirement homes. But personally, he preferred performing rock music.

Immediately after graduating from high school, Bernard joined the army so he could earn money for college. Even though he served nine years as a Specialist Master Fitness Trainer, and Water Purification and Petroleum Specialist, people would ask him, “What are you doing in here?” They knew he could sing. His nickname was Elvis.

After his stint in the army, Bernard got a degree in Communications and gave music another shot. However, in 2012, he was about to quit music when he discovered country music. It was the lyrics of the traditional country music that drew him in. Whether he wrote the songs or not, he liked songs to which he could relate.

“I think I could pull off Outlaw Country,” he believed. He started a band and wrote music and eventually, they got good enough to play in clubs.

With all his previous experiences with various genres of music, it was country music that was the first music to which he felt he truly belonged.

“The biggest part was really connecting with people. When I was younger, my music was more ego-driven. But now when I write, I want to connect with people and try to make a positive change. Maybe I can inspire people to do better and do some good.”

With songs, like “People We Are, “American Dream,” and “All We Are Is Memories.” His songs inspire, and more importantly, they make you contemplate life and appreciate what you have.

In addition to music, Bernard is a certified personal trainer and makes wellness a priority. He states he read Bruce Springsteen’s book and he talks about longevity. The only way you can make a difference in life is if you take care of yourself first.

“I can do more, have more positivity, be better if I am healthy.”

Bernard has shared bills with many country superstars over the years like Luke Bryan, Old Dominion, Granger Smith, Michael Ray, Montgomery Gentry, Marshall Tucker Band, and Clint Black. Being on stage and performing live is something that gives him a rush, and he loves connecting with people through music.

“I like telling stories and singing about subjects which have meaning to me personally,” Houston explained. “If it also connects with my fans, that gives it so much more depth and meaning. When I’m on stage, connecting with people and entertaining them is very fulfilling.”

Many can relate to his sentimental songs, “Small Town Way” and “Never Grow Old.” But the romantics will relish tunes like “Without You, Honey” and “Home Is In Your Arms.”

Produced by Nashville hitmaker Bill McDermott, Bernard has recently released the party anthem, “Hangover” which talks about how you can have fun just staying at home. With lyrics like We don’t need credit cards/ Or crowded old bars/ Or Neon setting the mood/ We got a blue tooth band/ And a drink in our hand/ And a dance floor in the living room Bernard brings modern lyrics to a throwback sound.

The ultimate goal for Bernard is to be able to make a decent living doing what he loves to do while he keeps putting out the best music he can make.

He expounds, “The more successful I can be, the more I can give back, give more positivity to the world. That’s so rewarding. I like to see people happy and doing better with their lives.”

He credits the good people who are around him with his success.

In the meantime, Bernard will continue touring as he waits for the right time to release his upcoming singles.

Houston Bernard is an innately gifted singer/songwriter who cares about his songs and his audience. The singer/songwriter’s passion is evident when he performs which makes his music even more compelling.

One thing is certain: This country rocker is ripe for any honky tonk from Boston to San Diego and every joint in between.

To keep up with everything Bernard is doing, be sure to follow his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and all streaming platforms.

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Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blog, Bethany WritesInstagram, and Twitter.

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