Music Spotlight: Casi Joy

With over 40 million video views online, NBC The Voice alum, Casi Joy has captured the attention of music fans around the globe. Her newest single “Under the Hood” shows a softer side of the dynamic artist.

Music Spotlight: Colton James

Colton James will soon be releasing his debut EP, America, which will include “I Miss America” and other nationalist anthems that speak for the love of his country and those who have fought for it.

Music Spotlight: Ashley Cooke

Showcasing her signature style that embraces the energy of pop and depth of Country, Ashley Cooke's “bold vocals and authentic songwriting” (CMT) are on full display in fresh new releases “running back” and “dirt on 'em.”

Music Spotlight: Shaylen

Shaylen is a former pop star from LA who was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and raised in Dallas, Texas. She has recently moved to Nashville and rediscovered her country roots with two new country releases, “What If I Don’t” and “Roots.”

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