Music Spotlight: Jake Worthington

Jake Worthington first wowed America in 2014 as a teen from LaPorte, Texas, when he became a finalist on NBC’s The Voice. Fast forward ten years and the traditionally influenced country artist has put out a lot of music but is just now releasing his debut album.

He recently signed with Big Loud Records and fits in perfectly with current country heavyweights like Hardy, Morgan Wallen, Larry Fleet, and Lauren Alaina.

I talked with Jake Worthington before the release of his self-titled debut album. 

The Texas troubadour gets his love of music from his grandfathers, one who was a guitar player and one who was a Vietnam Vet and poet/songwriter.

“My gift from both of grandfathers are yellowed pages full of words from their soul,” he remembered.

But it was his paternal grandfather that he prominently blames for “my itch for a song.”

His grandfather told him, “You’re good boy, you ain’t no Ray Price.”

By age 13, Worthington got serious about his guitar playing. He and a group of buddies would get together and play music.

He told me, “We’d make noise in whatever space we had. By the time we were 14 and 15 years old, we had already played a few bars near Pasadena.”

But it was the famous Texas Barbeque Cookoffs that put Worthington and his pals on the map.

He chuckled, “I learned how to do quite a lot of things at them cookoffs.”

At age 17, Worthington tried out and made it as a finalist on NBC’s The Voice. When the show was over, he wasn’t sure if playing county music was how he intended to make a living, but it didn’t take him too long to decide once he got back home.

He played beer joints and almost anywhere that would have him, but he split the earnings evenly with his band and was not able to make a living.

“I’m sure they loved me for it, but with hindsight being 20/20, I could have gone home with a little more money.”

By age 23, Worthington was regularly taking trips to Nashville and got serious about writing music.

“Getting in the right rooms and understanding the way of the world. I had a lot of time under the radar, and it was exactly what I needed to learn what I wanted which was to do ‘this’ for the rest of my life.”

In the course of things, somehow Worthington’s name got to Big Loud’s CEO, Seth England.

“He called me when I was in Amarillo working a show with Randall King and Bri Bagwell. It was a Christmas show and Seth called me. That was 3 ½ years ago,” he recalled.

In October of 2021, he officially signed with Big Loud and hasn’t looked back.

“I believe that I am working with the best team in the world. I’m proud to know that our work is getting heard,” he stated.

His debut album consists of 13 tracks of mostly new and a few previously released songs.

Worthington has already had millions of streams with his songs “Hell of a Highway,” “Just Keep Falling in Love” and “Don’t Think Twice.” And his biggest hit to date is when he teamed up with Ronnie Dunn and Jake Owen for a redneck, fiddle-sawing honky tonk tune called “Jonesin’” that will remind you of why you love country music.

Now he has released even more of the “good stuff” on his debut album. Two weeks ago, Worthington put out the somber “State You Left Me In” which is country music heartbreakin’ at its finest. And he proves he’s just a good ole boy looking out for the “Next New Thing” the 2nd single off the record.

He confirmed, “You know, this ain’t a hobby for me and it makes me proud to know that music is getting heard.”

I was fortunate enough to be sent an advance listen to the album and if you are like me and you miss the country music that made Nashville famous and/or want some boot-scootin’ Texas honky tonk dance tunes, you are going to love every song on this album.

I say to Big Loud Records, “Good job in signing this one.” And to America, “This is what we’ve been waiting for.”

Get/stream Jake Worthington’s debut album now.

You can follow Jake Worthington on his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and all streaming platforms.

– – –

Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram, and Twitter.

Jake Worthington Tracklist:

  1. State You Left Me In (Jake Worthington, Timothy Baker, Roger Springer)
  2. Single At The Same Time (Jake Worthington, Robert Arthur, Kim Penz, Jacob Boyd Weinschenk)
  3. Without You (Jake Worthington, Jody Booth, Roger Springer)
  4. Pop Goes The Whiskey (feat. ERNEST) (Rocky Block, Seth Ennis, Kyle Fishman, Ernest Keith Smith)
  5. Ain’t Got You To Hold (Jake Worthington, Joe Denim, Roger Springer)
  6. She Ain’t You (Jake Worthington, Jake Doucet, Roger Springer)
  7. Next New Thing (Jake Worthington, Steve Leslie, Roger Springer)
  8. Honky Tonk Crowd (Jake Worthington, Clint Daniels, Jeff Hyde, Roger Springer)
  9. I Ain’t Goin Anywhere (Jake Worthington, Wyatt McCubbin, Roger Springer)
  10. Night Time Is My Time (Jake Worthington, Monty Holmes, Roger Springer)
  11. Only One Way To Find Out (Jake Worthington, Jessi Alexander, Dave Cohen, David Lee Murphy)
  12. Heaven Can’t Be Found (Jake Worthington, Will Jones, Kim Penz, Roger Springer)
  13. Closing Time (Jake Worthington, Nick Walsh)

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