Music/Author Spotlight: Aiden Adams

I’ve featured hundreds of artists and even a few authors. But when I got the email about Aiden Adams, I found that he has written six books and several songs. And he is eight years old.

The first book that Aiden wrote is titled “There Are No Sheep In New York City.”  His dad, Neal Adams, is an author and illustrator.

He told me, “When I was four years old, I asked my dad if I could write a book, just like him. I told him I wanted to write a book about sheep in New York City. Dad said he had not seen any there. I told him if you use your imagination, anything and everything can happen.”

What started as an intellectual debate on whether there are sheep in New York City developed into a young kid’s travel guide.

The second book he wrote at age five, “Growly Bear” is about a bear who tried to be someone else: a bird, a frog, or even a race car driver. He finally realizes it is best to be yourself.

Other books he has authored include “Race Fish to the Rescue, “There Are No Porcupines in Washington DC,” and “Beauty Butter.”

But he admitted the last book he wrote, “Buttons, My Gucci Bear” is his favorite. Written when he was seven, the book is about the friendship between a boy named Finney and Buttons, the bear. Buttons has so much fun being mischievous and driving Finney insane.

But I think the reason I got contacted was because Aiden is also a singer/songwriter and most people I interview are singers and songwriters.

When he was six, Aiden started taking guitar lessons. He wrote the song “I Love You Earth” which has had more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. It is the sweetest and most meaningful song I’ve heard about our earth.

Aiden explained, “We only have one chance and one planet. If we don’t take care of planet Earth, it won’t take care of us.”

He also did a heartfelt song about “Planting Veggies” and how important it is to grow them and eat them.

However, his latest song is the one that caught my attention initially. He was missing his grandparents and he wrote a song for them (and for all grandparents in the world) called, “Dance With Me.” Though not your typical holiday song, it has a feel-good vibe with catchy lyrics that will have you smiling all day long.  

I asked him if he would like to come to Nashville and write songs.  He advised, “I’m doing that already, here.”

Aiden is a big fan of Ed Sheeran and even has done a cover of his song, “Afterglow.” He has also covered Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

His dad says he practices guitar three times a day and knows already that writing songs and performing is what he aspires to do for the rest of his life.

For next year, he is working on two more books and wants to write a country song. When that happens, you know, I’ll be the first to share it.

You can follow Aiden Adams on his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and  YouTube channel. You can order his books on Amazon.

  – – –

Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram, and Twitter.

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