Music Spotlight: Firerose

Firerose is an Australian singer and songwriter who moved from Sydney to Los Angeles at age 19. Even though her music has a dance-pop vibe, with her fiercely personal lyrics, she is as good a songwriter as any country lyricist out there.

Firerose states she grew up in a musical family. She was writing songs as soon as she could speak. She was born with a gift and she knew it was hers to cultivate.

“I honestly can’t tell you where it came from but my spirit and my soul connected to the world through music and helped me make sense of everything. I would get home from school and write a song about my day and thought that it was a normal thing to do,” the artist explains.

Firerose taught herself to play the piano and never had a lesson.

She confirms, “It just felt right to sit at the keys. I didn’t know the names of the chords but I felt it and I played by ear.”

The artists who inspired her most were the Beatles and Elvis.

She recalls, “I danced to Elvis when I was a kid and I remember feeling so moved by the music. It was my purpose to create music to make other people feel the way it made me feel.”

She also remembers listening to Shania Twain and thinking, “This is the meaning of life.”

After graduating high school, Firerose moved from Sydney to LA. She states, “There was this very strong calling in me that I felt my fate was to be in America.”

Firerose began performing regularly at The Viper Room, The Rainbow Room & SXSW, gaining an underground following of passionate fans demanding to hear more of her addictive, original music.

Even though the majority of female singer-songwriters I interview are country music artists, Firerose’s ability to connect and inspire with her soulful vocals and candid lyrics raises her indie-pop style of compositions to a higher level than is normally expected with popular music.

She states, “It comes from the deepest and truest place in me. I’ve learned from country music that it’s all about authenticity and truth.”

She recorded her indie-pop gems “Fragile Handling“, “Way Out” & “No Holding Fire” at legendary LA studio, The Village. With these songs, the artist proves that she is not afraid to be vulnerable with her songwriting.

She states, “Music allows me to express myself in the world where you can’t just walk around expressing your innermost truths. With music, I have that chance. It feels like I have the pages of my diary out there and I’m OK with that because it is through the songs.”

Eventually, Firerose got connected to the king of collaborators, Billy Ray Cyrus with whom she wrote her latest single, “New Day.” The song was written over Zoom during the pandemic and is about new beginnings.

The tune makes one feel alive and joyful and hopeful. “It is a song of hope for a new day for any single human who is searching, reaching, and praying for a new day. Here we are with this promise of a new day that we were all just praying for. We’re all ready to turn the page. I hope that the song that we wrote together can bring a glimmer of joy to peoples’ days even if it is not completely yet a new day for everyone.”

The song is also about gratitude and being in the moment and staying positive in challenging times.

Rolling Stone Magazine called “New Day” a “trippy, atmospheric ballad about revitalization and rebirth. Cyrus’ vocals float just beneath the surface, a whispering echo to Firerose’s lilting leads.”

Firerose is happy to be out on the road again sharing her music live with fans. The Aussie will be making her Opry debut on Friday, August 13. She and Billy Ray Cyrus will sing their duet, “New Day.”

She proclaims, “It’s been a dream of mine ever since I can remember. I can’t believe it’s really happening.”

Hopefully, touring will continue throughout the fall as Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose are getting wonderful support from the radio.

Regardless of what happens with touring and live shows, as long as Firerose continues to write original, authentic lyrics with memorable, haunting melodies, she will be embraced by all who are fortunate enough to be a part of her circle of light and hope.

You can follow Firerose on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and all streaming platforms.

Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram, and Twitter.

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