Holiday Organization/Wellness Tips from The Home Edit

I interviewed Netflix’s dynamic duo, Clea and Joanna from their Emmy-nominated show The Home Edit to get their organization and wellness tips for the upcoming holiday season. And even though Clea is in the process of finishing her cancer treatment at Vanderbilt, they were gracious enough to speak to me for a few minutes.

The Home Edit was founded in 2015 by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin in Nashville, Tennessee. Brought together by a mutual friend, it was friendship at first text, and a business partnership immediately thereafter.

Since their inception, Clea and Joanna have been organizing celebrity homes while launching curated product lines at Walmart and The Container Store and keeping up with 6M followers on Instagram, all while being busy mothers and entrepreneurs, Clea and Joanna are experts at organization and wellness amidst a crazy schedule.

They were eager to provide holiday organization ideas and wellness tips from Nature Made Wellblends. We all know that even for the neatest, neat freaks, the holiday schedule and decorating can throw a wrench into people’s normally organized lives.

Their number one tip for holiday decorating is to have a zone or a station for all of the gifts and wrapping supplies. There are over-the-door units or gift-wrapping carts that can aid in this process. Also, when gifts aren’t square, use a bag or tissue paper with a bow.

Joanna expounds, “The holidays are so frenzied and chaotic. Anything you can do to set yourself up for success, we definitely recommend.”

As far as decorating is concerned, some of us have more decorations than we could possibly ever use. They advise that many of us need to take a pass at our decorations and edit out things that we are never going to use.

However, there are exceptions. Clea states, “There are some buckets that we allow. I have some stuffed ornaments from my husband’s childhood that I will never put on the tree, but they are special to him, so we keep them.”

Joanna continues, “Think about all the real estate used (in the house), keeping all those items that you don’t even put out.”

Clea adds, “If you are holding onto these things to decorate, that’s great. If you are holding onto them because they are really special to you that’s fine too. But if you are not using it, you will be less stressed if you have less to store.”

Time management is also a huge factor during the holiday season.

Clea stated, “We put the NO in November. Joanna is a big “no” person while I am a big “yes” person. I am having to put some boundaries in place.”

Joanna interrupted, “She will show up to pretty much anything even if she is exhausted. I burn out very fast and then I am no good to anyone.”

Clea admits, “It’s really a personal choice, but use a calendar to stay organized so that you are not overbooking yourself. Whether it be paper or digital, do not overbook. Be realistic with your time.”

Even so, there is going to be stress. Joanna states that Nature Made Wellblend’s Stress Relief Gummies really help to take it down a notch. “Definitely try them. They are amazing.”

Clea adds, “They also make an incredible gummy called Calm and Relax. I’ve been using those a lot. Personally, one thing that has got me through this (time of radiation) is their Sleep gummies. I’ve always had sleep issues and particularly during treatment there is a lot of insomnia, they are tremendously helpful. And their Immune gummies help with immune support as well during the cold and flu season. I want to support my immune system in every way possible.”

Joanna explains that you can have a supplement station just like a gift wrap station. “Keep it nearby so they are easy to get to.”

And for those who have watched their show, they keep their ‘organization by color’ theme by decorating their Christmas tree in a similar color palette with rainbow lights and ornaments.

“It’s a personal preference,” she states.

Clea is in the middle of radiation right now which is five days a week. She has been blessed to have her mother in town to help. If everything goes as planned, she will have completed her radiation treatments by Thanksgiving.

And while the duo is currently not filming new episodes of The Home Edit, they do have a new podcast which you can access here.

You can follow The Home Edit on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and and TikTok.

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Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram, and Twitter.

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