Nashville Symphony Fashion Show

Anyone who knows me knows I no longer follow current fashion trends. For the most part, I’ve reached the age where I know what I like regardless of whether someone thinks it’s in style or not. (I may know where Kenny Chesney went to high school, but very little about fashion.) So covering the runway collection of Carolina Herrera’s Creative Director, Wes Gordon, was totally out of my skill set.

The pomp and circumstance alone were worth the trip. The ever gorgeous Schermerhorn Symphony Hall was made even more gorgeous with decorations that would outshine any wedding.

With custom-made cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and waiters offering champagne on every corner, it was nothing short of a fairy tale. But what I found in common with the “jet set” of Nashville was the love of the arts and just how important that is.

The annual Symphony Fashion show helps to raise money for The Nashville Symphony’s Youth/Education events such as the Young People’s concert and the ground-breaking Accelerando project which is designed to prepare gifted young students of diverse ethnic backgrounds for pursuing music at the collegiate level and beyond. We were delighted to hear two young women from the Accelerando program perform; Emily Martinez-Perez (viola) and Riya Mitra (violin).

What surprised me the most was the actual fashion show. Most pictures I have seen on New York City’s runways often have ensembles I wouldn’t be caught dead in. But Wes Gordon’s clothes were not like that. He had bold colors, classic lines and hemlines for all ages and sizes. Most of the collection were timeless pieces which could be worn proudly in a variety of settings (if your budget allowed it).

But to be honest, what initially interested me was seeing Laura Alaina. Wearing a stunning, perfectly-fitted Carolina Herrera dress, the American Idol runner-up from Rossville, Georgia, (next to Chattanooga, Tennessee) did not disappoint.

Her bubbly effervescence overflowed as she sang her current single, “Ladies of the Nineties,” her multi-platinum single with Kane Brown, “What If” and her smash #1 hit “Road Less Traveled.”

Taking photos from a fashion show is not for the faint of heart as the whole event was over in just about seven minutes. The models were beautiful, the clothes were glamorous, but no one stopped and posed for pictures. You have to have training and proper camera equipment to capture the shots effectively. However, the Symphony Fashion Show was so fascinating and raised money for such good causes, if you are ever in Nashville when the Symphony fashion show occurs, you should definitely go. Click this link for more photos of the fashion show.

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