Music Spotlight: Wendy Starland

Learn more about the beautiful, talented, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer, talent scout, artist, and model, Wendy Starland who is best known for discovering and developing Lady Gaga in my latest Music Spotlight column.

Music Spotlight: Alyssa Jacey

Now working on her tenth and final album, singer/songwriter Alyssa Jacey has released her single (Quit) “Choosing Boys” which is a friendly reminder/warning for others who may be making similar poor choices.

Music Spotlight: Minnie Murphy

Minnie Murphy was born with music in her DNA. Raised in a musical family, father Jimmy Murphy, a guitarist, mother Patricia Murphy, a piano player, and she’s a half-sister to early-2000s country staple, Jamie O’Neal. Her newest single, “Get Over It” is not to be missed.

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