Rising Artist Becca Bowen Releases New Single ‘Better Than the Dream’

Rising country artist Becca Bowen releases a new single titled “Better Than The Dream.” Produced by Sal Oliveri, the new single was written by well-known writers Jamie Floyd, Rebecca Lyn Howard, Rachel Thibodeau, and Makayla Parry. You can stream the new release by clicking here.

I am excited to release this feel-good love song! I have been wanting to release a song that would leave listeners with a smile. This song is positive and uplifting and that is what I was looking for. This song was pitched to me by a group of amazing writers Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jamie Floyd, Rachel Thibodeau, and Mikayla Perry. I absolutely couldn’t turn it down. Right now I feel like the world needs some love and this song brings that happy vibe! It’s about when your reality becomes better than the dream,” explains Becca.

Her debut single, “Love Me, Leave It” put Becca Bowen on the map within country music. Since then, Becca has released “Just Be You,” “Home,” and “Gunshots or Fireworks.” Earlier this year, Becca participated in the Outdoor Channel’s popular show For Love Or Likes which she came out the champion of the completion.

Read how Becca Bowen got started in music in my Music Spotlight column.

You can follow Becca Bowen on InstagramTwitterYouTube, and Spotify.

Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram and Twitter.

One thought on “Rising Artist Becca Bowen Releases New Single ‘Better Than the Dream’

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  1. Becca thanks again for leaving a lasting expression on ur new song.. it’s just brings a good smile to me and sure to many others out there.. well keep up with your amazing talent with that stunning voice if yours.. never give up on your Dreams.. good luck and thank you..


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